NDIS Children’s Speech Pathologist on the Gold Coast

Our experienced paediatric speech pathologists provide effective therapy to children and families that is both fun and engaging for the child. Our speech pathologists conduct a thorough assessment of children’s communication strengths and difficulties, then use this information to devise targeted treatment plans that focuses on individualised goals, are in line with evidence based research and are tailored to children’s individual learning needs.

The length of this process varies from child to child, depending on the extent of work needed and whether any background factors are contributing, such as children with autism.

If you would like to learn more on our NDIS speech pathology services available on the Gold Coast at Learn & Grow Therapy, contact us today by calling (07) 3184 5959.

How Can a Paediatric Speech Therapist Assist Children with Autism?

Here at Learn & Grow Therapy, we have a team of skilled speech pathologists only able to assess the nature of a child’s difficulty and develop an effective therapy plan; we are also passionate about building rapport with children to create a comfortable environment where children can reach their full potential.

We address some of the most common struggles that children with autism face in this area, including:

  • Language development (support to understand words and directions, and express themselves using words and sentences)
  • Expressive deficits (support to clearly verbalise needs/thoughts/desires clearly through verbal communication and/or communication aids)
  • Social skills and play (support to develop social communication and pretend play skills, or conversational skills for older children)

Learn More on Our NDIS Children’s Speech Therapy Services

If your child is experiences social communication difficulties, developmental delays including global delays, is non-verbal or having trouble communicating their needs, the best course of action is to schedule an assessment with a speech pathologist specialising in autism & paediatric speech pathology. For more information on our NDIS speech therapy services on the Gold Coast, contact us Learn & Grow Therapy today by calling (07) 3184 5959, sending an email to info@learnandgrowtherapy.com.au, or leaving a message via our online enquiry form.





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