Speech & Occupational Therapy Joint Sessions

Speech & Occupational Therapy Joint Sessions in Paddington, Chermside and the Gold Coast

Located in the same office, InSync Kids Occupational Therapists (OT) work closely with Learn and Grow Speech Pathologists to provide collaborative care for clients. Combining Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy goals in one session will support a child to self-regulate, engage and communicate to the best of their ability. OT supports are highly effective for helping children to sustain attention and build longer interactions, meaning they get more out of their Speech Pathology supports. Sessions are run in the OT sensory gym and are appropriate for children who experience sensory processing difficulties.

InSync Kids OT are a separate business but co-locate with Learn and Grow Therapies in the same office space. If you’d like to book Occupational Therapy services for your child, please visit the InSync Kids website.

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