Feeding Therapy in Paddington, Chermside and the Gold Coast

Feeding therapy can help children to increase the variety and/or volume of foods in their diet. Sensory preferences and underdeveloped chewing skills can commonly result in a child developing strong preferences for certain textures or colours. This may lead to a restricted diet, reluctance to try new foods and stressful mealtimes for the family. Learn and Grow Speech Pathologists can address postural, sensory, motor, behavioural/learning, medical, and nutritional factors to comprehensively evaluate and manage children with feeding difficulties.

During a feeding assessment, the Speech Pathologist may complete an ‘oral examination’ by looking inside your child’s mouth and observing how your child’s mouth is positioned at rest. They may also observe your child while they eat and drink using a range of foods, specialised feeding equipment, cups and utensils. Communication and play development may also be included in your assessment if any concerns are identified in these areas.

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