Communication Therapy in Paddington, Chermside and the Gold Coast

Learning how to talk and how to understand others will support a child to connect and interact successfully with the people and world around them. Communication development for young children includes gaining the skills to understand and express thoughts, feelings, and information. As they grow, communication will support a child’s ability to understand and respond appropriately to other people’s communication, paving the way for social interaction and relationships. As a child enters school, both written and verbal communication skills are an important part of learning and literacy development.

Learn and Grow Speech Pathologists specialise in providing communication therapy that supports speaking, listening, understanding, social interactions, reading, writing and voice.

Our Speech Pathologists can help your child to become a more confident communicator!

Our Speech Pathologists support children to experience success communicating in their home, school and peer groups. Communication therapy can help with:


Speaking clearly
Speaking fluently (no stuttering)
Developing vocabulary
Using sentences and correct grammar
Telling stories and jokes
Answering questions


Remembering and following directions
Understanding vocabulary
Understanding questions
Following conversations
Understanding jokes and humour
Comprehending stories


Making friends
Having conversations
Expressing emotions
Solving problems


Classroom work and homework
Planning, organising and sequencing
Reading, writing and spelling
Engaging and participating
Supporting teachers to make adjustments

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