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Initial Assessment

Why Assess?

Assessment will identify your child’s strengths and difficulties and determine how their skills compare to other children of the same age. Assessment results will assist your Speech Pathologist to select the most effective goals for therapy.

What's Involved?

In most cases, an initial assessment takes between 1-2 sessions to complete and involves many methods of data collection including; formal testing (standardised assessments), observational assessment, and parent/teacher interviews or questionnaires.

Individual Therapy

Learn and Grow Speech Pathologists provide intervention for the following areas of difficulty:


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A girl in a hat


A girl talks to a teacher


A girl reads a book


A girl in a pink coat

social skills

Two kids play


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Group Therapy & Programs

Hanen Parent Programs

The Hanen Centre

“It Takes Two”
Program for parents of children with language delay

Tools for School

Reading and writing

Prep Readiness Program
run by a Speech Pathologist and OT (In Sync Kids)

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups

Social Skills Program
for children
and adolescents

School Aged Literacy

Sounds Write logo

Group literacy program using SoundsWrite approach to target difficulties in reading, writing and spelling

Joint Therapy (Speech/OT)

Located in the Rosalie Children’s Centre, In Sync Kids Occupational Therapists work closely with Learn ad Grow Speech Pathologists to provide collaborative care for clients. Joint sessions are a great option for children who have complex development difficulties that impact their ability to communicate and interact with others. Combining Speech Pathology and Occupational Therapy goals in the one session supports a child to self-regulate, engage and communicate to the best of their ability. Session are run in the OT sensory gym.

A play room
Joint speech OT therapy
Marilyn OT

Services for Educational Settings

Learn and Grow work closely with many schools, child care centres and kindergartens in Brisbane. We believe that supporting children across all environments is important for achieving the best possible outcomes for our clients. Learn and Grow offers the following services:

  • Parent information evenings (Speech Pathology and OT info)
  • Screening assessments for speech language and fluency
  • Training sessions for educational staff

If your educational facility is interested in receiving services, contact Brooke O’Brien to discuss which services would best support the needs of your staff, families and children.

Educational facilities receiving support in 2020 include:

  • Bardon Community Kindergarten
  • Chatterbox Childcare Paddington
  • Banks street kindergarten
  • Boondall Kindergarten
  • Tumble Tots Childcare
  • Prince of Peas Childcare
  • Goodstart Fortitude Valley
  • Goodstart Adelaide Street
  • Avenues Early Learning Paddington

Telehealth Services

Telehealth is face to face speech therapy that’s done online over video conferencing. All you need is an internet connection, computer, laptop or iPad and a ‘Zoom’ account (sign up is free!)

Learn and Grow have invested in specialised audio/video conferencing equipment and many online programs that are specifically developed to target Speech Pathology goals online. With screen sharing and shared mouse control, sessions are fun, engaging and interactive for all ages. Our equipment allows our therapists to see and hear clients clearly in order to collect accurate assessment data, provide specific feedback and achieve effective intervention outcomes.

During all Telehealth appointments, our therapists work closely with parents to provide clear ideas and strategies for everyday use in the home environment. Research shows that parent focused intervention achieves the best results. Telehealth has also been evidenced to deliver the same outcomes and progress as face to face therapies. Call now to discuss how Telehealth can help your child to continue to Learn and Grow!

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