LEGO Therapy Social Skills Group

The LEGO® Therapy Social Skills Group is an evidence based program that is designed to support school aged children with social communication difficulties, using a child’s natural interest in LEGO®. During group sessions, children work together in small groups to create LEGO® models.

Children are matched based on compatibility of age, developmental level and personality to ensure a positive group dynamic is achieved. During the group sessions, children are given specific jobs in the building task and work together to complete their goal of a finished model.

Jobs include:

  • Engineer – reads the instructions and gives directions to the others
  • Parts supplier –sorts through and finds the right bricks for the builder
  • Builder – puts the bricks together according to the directions.

Sessions are facilitated and guided by Certified Speech Pathologists who have a special interest in working with ASD and/or social skills difficulties. LEGO® Therapy has four levels of achievement with specific goals and challenges. The group aims to help support the development of skills such as sharing, turn-taking, collaboration, conflict resolution, and verbal and non-verbal communication.

LEGO® Therapy Social Skills group program for children 4 – 9yrs.

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