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Core Language Assessment

Core Language Assessment – how and why? Core language skills describe a person’s core capacity for understanding and using language. …

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The Importance of Language

The Importance of Language Language underlies a person’s capacity for learning, thinking, behaviour, and relationships. Strong language and communication skills …

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2years old and not talking

2 years old and not talking much? Common questions that I receive from many parents of two year old children …

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Lisps – when ‘s’ is hard to say

When I tell people that I am a Speech Pathologist, more often than not I hear something along the lines …

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What are social skills?

Social skills describe the behaviours and communication skills that a person uses to successfully interact and connect with other people. …

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What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency that effects a person’s ability to use easy to produce, free flowing speech. …

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