Accredited Autism Speech Pathologist in Brisbane

Sometimes, children with autism may find it extremely difficult to communicate and interact with other people, both with speech and non-verbal communication. As a result, this makes speech therapy an important aspect of raising children on the autism spectrum, helping to address an assortment of speech issues which may hinder your child from communicating with others throughout their life.

If you’re seeking experienced speech therapists in a comforting environment to assist your child with developing their communicative skills prior to school, look no further than the team of autism speech pathologists at Learn & Grow Therapy in our Brisbane locations such as Toowong, Bardon and Gold Coast. Our senior therapists have had several years of experience in working with children on the autism spectrum, and understand how to work with your child effectively to assist with improving their speech, sentence structure and other communication skills. Contact Learn & Grow to find out more about how we can assist your child today.

How Do Autism Speech Therapists Help?

Due to the challenges that ASD can have upon children talking and understanding dialectic cues, it is important that children with autism learn how to communicate with language as opposed to talking and not understanding. This includes being able to hold a conversation, understanding how verbal and non-verbal cues such as tone of voice and facial expressions can affect conversation and more. At Learn & Grow, our Brisbane-based autism speech therapists will work with your child extensively to achieve the best possible results for their individual communicative abilities to develop conversational skills, enjoy being around other people, articulate words properly and more.

Contact Learn & Grow’s Brisbane Autism Pathologists

If you’d like to find out more about how autism speech therapists can help your child develop their communication skills or want to learn about our other speech therapy services available for children, feel free to contact us at Learn & Grow Therapy in Brisbane today.

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