Core Language Assessment

Core Language Assessment – how and why? Core language skills describe a person’s core capacity for understanding and using language. It is the ability to understand and express using the…

The Importance of Language

The Importance of Language Language underlies a person’s capacity for learning, thinking, behaviour, and relationships. Strong language and communication skills will support a person to experience success and develop a…

2years old and not talking

2 years old and not talking much? Common questions that I receive from many parents of two year old children include: How many words should my 2 year old be…
Learn and Grow Therapy conduct speech therapy with school-aged children.

Lisps – when ‘s’ is hard to say

When I tell people that I am a Speech Pathologist, more often than not I hear something along the lines of “oh yeh, so you work with lisps and things?”…
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What are social skills?

Social skills describe the behaviours and communication skills that a person uses to successfully interact and connect with other people. Friendships require a mutual exchange of give and take. Learning…
Learn and Grow Therapy conduct speech therapy with children.

What is stuttering?

Stuttering is a disorder of speech fluency that effects a person’s ability to use easy to produce, free flowing speech. Stuttering begins in childhood (typically around 3-5 years of age)…
Learn and Grow Therapy teach children the importance of language.

What are vocal nodules?

The vocal folds are folds of tissue in the voice box that have a soft and delicate lining on the outside. When speaking or singing, the vocal folds come into…
Learn and Grow Therapy assist with children's reading abilities.

How do literacy skills develop?

How do literacy skills develop? Literacy skills refer to a person’s reading, writing and spelling abilities. Before a child begins to read and write, they must develop the ability to…
Learn and Grow Therapy teach children the importance of language comprehension and production.

How is language different to speech?

How is language different to speech? Speech and language are two very different communication skills that are commonly confused. Speech production is a motor function that involves movement of the muscles…
Learn and Grow Therapy understand the sounds that children can make at certain ages.

Speech and Articulation

What is speech and how does it develop? Speech production describes how a person coordinates the movement of their lips, tongue, teeth and voice to create clear, easy to understand…